Let’s face it, we all hate when accidents happen at work and someone gets injured. The question is, “Is it possible to prevent these things from happening?” If you think there’s just nothing you can do, here are some statistics that might surprise you:

  • Slips, trips and falls are the number one cause of all workplace injuries.
  • Each year more than 300 slip, trip and fall cases are reported.
  • More than half of those claimants need additional days off due to their injuries.
  • The average slip, trip or fall costs employers $28,000!
  • These incidents also are the second leading cause of workplace fatalities.
  • Studies show that 80% of these claims are a result of unsafe acts while 20% are a result of unsafe conditions.

Here are some safety suggestions to help you get immediate results:

  • Remove clutter and eliminate messy workstations
  • Watch out for wet flooring
  • Improve visibility by increasing lighting
  • Repair damaged flooring
  • Flag potential hazards

These are just a few suggestions to help you immediately address your situation. At Beimdiek, we offer business consulting which includes a review of your company’s safety policies and ideas for implementing a culture of safety. It’s just one more way the expert team at Beimdiek assess risk and protects your company, employees and investments.


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