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Many don’t realize the fact until it is too late, but landlord’s policies do not cover your personal belongings in rented property. It is also easy to underestimate the value of one’s possessions long before one owns their own house to require homeowner’s insurance. Things happen. Ceilings leak. Apartments can catch fire from simple things like electric blankets, space heaters, and short-circuiting appliances. Even brick-and-mortar buildings collapse in on themselves. Thieves break in and steal belongings. Shield your personal property – valuable pieces of furniture, electronics, clothes, and children’s toys – from any type of damage. At Beimdiek, we can get you covered with many options for renter’s liability insurance.

The best renters insurance does more than replacing your damaged belongings with brand new ones. Beyond the destruction of your personal possessions, a major emergency can force you to vacate your home for a few days or weeks or a month, potentially spending thousands of dollars in hotel fees. Proper renter’s insurance can even reimburse you for any expenses accrued if your home becomes unlivable such as food, temporary living arrangements, extra travel expenses, and more.

Additionally, if someone sues you after suffering an injury at your rented residence, a solid renter’s insurance liability policy can defend you financially. Guest medical protection can also be included in many policies to help relieve any medical expenses a guest may incur from an injury suffered on your rented property.

If you have questions about rental insurance quotes, Beimdiek has your answer.

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