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General Liability

Even to a great business with a solid track record in a local community, terrible accidents can happen. If your small business runs smoothly, if you feel like your company is hitting its stride, if your firm finally made it to the big leagues, don’t let one little accident toss a wrench in your spokes. Don’t let an emergency stop momentum. Add general liability insurance to your business protection plan to mitigate unforeseen at-fault incidents. These include scenes that span everything from a slip-and-fall on your premises to a customer’s hot liquid burn to damage done on neighboring properties to an employee publishing libel that defile the rights of another. Any of these potential liabilities can get rather expensive in post-litigation America.

Beimdiek can broker business insurance to cover any attorney fees, damages, or medical expenses for which you may find yourself legally responsible for after a lawsuit. General liability insurance for small business is a company’s first line of defense against the unthinkable. Individuals and businesses that share their opinion, recommend plans of action, design solutions, create strategies for clients, or that offer services all risk professional liability lawsuits. Proper liability coverage places no blame but can help with the cost of legal defense, courts, and judgments if you find yourself blamed for an event that may or may not have been your fault.

We offer coverage for damage to rented premises if you operate on a landlord’s property and coverage for any benefits to employees that you find yourself liable to pay. Also covered on many plans are the following: liability as an employer, employment-related practices liability if accused of bias or unfairness, expanded property damage for those properties you may have borrowed or used, fire liability, hired and non-owned auto liability insurance, medical payments for anyone hurt on your property, personal injury, personal and advertising injury, premises liability, professional liability and liabilities concerning the products you sell or operations you complete. If you have a complicated liability need, Beimdiek has your answer. Call your Beimdiek representative today for a general liability quote.

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