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Commercial Property

Property means more to us than just your company’s building. Commercial property can include signage, furniture, specialized equipment, fence, landscaping, or the property of others that happens to be resting on your premises, and most all of your inventory whether in storage or on the shelves. Don’t let damage threaten your commercial property. Everything from a tiny speed bump to a cataclysmic meltdown on your property can be covered with proper commercial real estate insurance.

We believe that if you work at your own home, rent your workspace from another landlord, or even own your building, proper business properties insurance offers sanctuary from unknown terrors. We realize that a fire could destroy inventory, a burst water pipe could ruin schematics and legal documents, a storm could damage a sign and create leaks in the roof, an earthquake could disrupt the foundation of your business, or a thief could break in and steal your most precious commodities. From these incidents and more, proper commercial building insurance has you covered. Policies can be customized to protect inventory, furniture, fixtures, and medical equipment as well as accounts receivable records, computers, phones, and media. In addition, you may choose to restore any income lost during suspended operation of your business – this can make it possible to hit pause, regain composure, and get right back to business as usual. Work with us to tune your plan toward a company-wide protection. Plans can cover these issues and much more:

  • Builders risk
  • Building ordinance and law
  • Business income
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Flood, fire, and storm insurance
  • Lost income from suspended operations
  • Utility services interruption coverage
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