Waters rise in every one of the fifty states. They rise on the coast, in the mountains, along rivers, near ice, and even in the middle of the desert, a property can be ruined by flooding. In the United States, rising waters remain the number one disaster, more than fires or windstorms or earthquakes. On average, citizens lose some $48,000 in damage from rising waters, often no more than an inch deep. Some rise seasonally, but over a quarter of the time claims for flood insurance emerge from areas considered “low-risk.”

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is the governmental agency setting federal standards for flood insurance. Their responsibilities include the mapping of Flood Hazard Boundaries which delineates rising water risk zones throughout the country. Their map outlines a standard for flood insurance coverage and flood insurance premiums in those zones. For this reason, most homeowner insurance programs will not cover flood damage, but most homeowners don’t realize this lapse in coverage exists in current laws regarding homeowner insurance. As a broker, the expert team at Beimdiek can propose flood insurance programs for your review.

Generally, it takes at least 30 days for application processing for a flood insurance plan to take effect. If you have questions about obtaining a proper flood insurance quote, ask an expert at Beimdiek to walk you through the many flood insurance policies available.

If you are anxious about proper flood insurance, Beimdiek has your answer


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