Auto Insurance

Experts say few vehicle owners know the complete details of their auto policies. Many policyholders don’t realize they may not have all the coverages they need, such as medical payments coverage or personal injury protection.

But the auto insurance specialists at Beimdiek Insurance help you stay fully informed on your policy and make sure you’re properly covered if you have an accident, so it won’t devastate your finances. We’re committed to saving you the most time and money possible by providing you with personalized service that takes into account your individual or family needs.

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Homeowner Insurance

There’s no place like home. It’s your sanctuary and a reflection of you – where you share countless great moments with family and friends. And it’s one of your biggest financial investments. That’s why our expert insurance providers at Beimdiek are committed to making sure your home is protected properly.

We gladly give you personalized attention explaining policy inclusions and necessary limits and answering any questions you have. We make sure you get the coverage you need to protect your home from unpredictable risks and safeguard your financial stability. Should you incur a loss, we guide you through the claims process and get your life back to normal quickly.

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Life Insurance

You may have a lot of questions about life insurance, including how much coverage you need and what kinds of life products are available. But you can count on our life insurance specialists at Beimdiek to gladly answer all your questions and provide coverage options that best fit your budget.

Ensuring your family is financially secure for immediate and future obligations does not need to break the bank. But life insurance coverage does need to be adequate for protecting your loved ones from a financial crisis in the event of your death. Our experienced specialists help you determine what the right amount is for your family’s specific needs.

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Renters Insurance

Renting property offers many benefits including financial flexibility and low maintenance costs. The landlord or management company is responsible for the building but they are not responsible for your personal contents inside the rental property or damage you cause to the property.

A renters insurance policy will protect your valuables and provide liability coverage in the event someone is injured inside of, or you damage, the rental unit. Covered claims include medical expenses in the event your pet bites a visitor, theft and fire. Just as coverage to replace personal possessions and insure against liability are vital for home and condo owners, it is equally important for a renter to have coverage that reimburses them for living expenses if their apartment or rented home is destroyed. These are known as additional living expenses and they cover temporary rental costs and other expenses if the rental unit is uninhabitable.

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