One sign of business success is a comfortable lifestyle, but sometimes the trappings of success expose you to further vulnerabilities. An umbrella policy can give you the confidence that claims against you do not threaten the fund you’ve built for your children’s college, your growing nest egg, or your retirement portfolio. All of these could be at risk from legal liability claims without an umbrella policy. An expert at Beimdiek may suggest umbrella insurance, making sure to cover any potential gaps in policies and adequately cover all of your assets.

We want you to continue building your lifestyle, to continue to grow your assets and the future of your legacy without worrying about any threats that may emerge from some court case or claim. You need a shield, a bulwark; a personal umbrella for rainy days.

As personal umbrella plans cover personal assets, a commercial liability umbrella can work much the same way for your business, sheltering your assets from any gaps in your current plan. Other types of umbrella policies include:

· Umbrella liability insurance coverage takes care of claims for libel, slander, defamation of character and the like.

· Worldwide umbrella policy coverage can tend to needs arising during covered incidents occurring abroad.

· Vacation rental liability coverage shields any boats, jet skis, scooters and other items you might rent while on vacation.

· Defense coverage can mitigate attorneys’ fees and other legal costs.

If you have questions about how an umbrella policy can give you more confidence, Beimdiek has your answer.


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