A fantastic way to get more feedback and engagement from your employees and customers is to use surveys. There are a number of ways to use surveys. You can use them to get product feedback, conduct market research, get feedback on customer service, employee feedback, and many other things.

Don’t worry, making an online survey is easy. There are a lot of online survey resources available to help you get started. Some sites offer free services and some are paid. The paid survey makers usually offer more advanced features such as:

Survey logic – This uses information from one question to determine next question. For example: “Do you have a car?” If you answer yes, then the next question would be “What is the make and model?” If you were to answer no then the make and model question would be skipped.
Export data – A number of the survey sites will not let you export your data unless you have a paid version. They limit you to just viewing the data online.
Custom logos – The paid versions usually allow you to get rid of their logo and add your logo, and also get rid of advertising banners that they may use. This helps prevent those taking your survey from knowing you are using a third party survey source.
Additional question types – Most survey sites offer the standard question options, like drop downs, radio buttons, fill in boxes, rating scales, etc. Paid options may offer more options like the ability to select multiple items in a drop down, multiple choice radio buttons, start rankings, etc.

If you require something more robust then you can take a look at some of the paid options, but for now, we are just going to look at free survey creators. For most people, the free survey creators offer more than enough to handle their needs. Now let’s get started.

Survey Monkey Pricing1. Survey Monkey

This is one of the most popular and well known online survey creators.
• 10 questions
• 100 responses
• 15 question types
• Light theme customization and templates
Survey Monkey has an easy to use system that is well designed and allows you to embed surveys, however you cannot export data without a paid version. Paid versions start at $26 per month with more features.

Survey Monkey User Interface


2. Typeform

The company’s motto is, “Asking questions should be easy, human, and beautiful.” The style and elegance of their interface conveys that. Typeform is one of the best options for online survey creators with its great design and robust free features.
• Unlimited questions
• Unlimited responses
• Data export
• Choose from templates or custom design themes
• Basic reporting

Their free version is called the CORE plan and the paid version is called the Pro plan. The Pro plan is $25 per month and offers features like payment fields, calculators for pricing, and options to send follow-up emails to respondents.

Typeform User Interface

Google Forms3. Google Forms

This will be the top pick for most people. Google Forms is another home run for Google. This is the only free online survey creator that offers skip logic.
• Unlimited surveys
• Unlimited responses
• Survey answers and data are automatically collected in Google Spreadsheets
• A number of theme options
• Add your own logo
• Add images and/or videos
• Skip logic and page branching
• Embed surveys into website pages or emails
• 100% free!

GoogleForms User Interface

Zoho Survey4. Zoho Survey

This is another solid option in the free survey creator realm.
• Unlimited surveys
• 15 survey questions
• 150 responses
The paid version starts at $39 per month and offers a lot more features.

Zoho Survey User Interface

Survey Gizmo5. Survey Gizmo

If you don’t plan on getting a lot of responses, you can create some good looking surveys with Survey Gizmo. Their free version is hidden near the bottom of their pricing page.
• Unlimited surveys
• Unlimited questions
• 50 responses
• Several basic question types
• Free templates
• Basic reporting
• Options to export data to CSV

If you choose a paid version you have options like skip logic, custom themes, multiple users, API, and data encryption. If you have deep pockets then you can go with the Enterprise plan for $199 per month, that offers integration with Salesforce, MailChimp, and other third party software tools.

Survey Gizmo User Interface

Survey Planet6. Survey Planet

Survey has a fairly robust offering in their free version.
• Unlimited surveys
• Unlimited questions
• Unlimited responses
• Survey theme options
• Survey embedding

For $15 per month the Pro version offers a number of upgraded features. You can remove the Survey Planet branding, print survey results, include in-question images, and export to excel.

Survey Planet User Interface


Which one is the best online survey tool?

That is ultimately going to come down to your particular needs and the amount of money you are willing to spend. Google forms seems like the ideal place to start. Their service is completely free and offers features that even rival some paid plans on other sites. Typeform is great for aesthetics if that is a priority for you. Each of the online survey creators mentioned above has its own pros and cons, you just have to prioritize your needs and see which one fits the most of those.

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