Team building activities can give your employees a sense of unity and build employee morale. Team building activities work best in businesses or departments where employees have to interact and cooperate frequently. A team that can work well together will be more effective, more productive, and have more fun along the way.

For a successful team-building activity session, define the goals and objectives so people understand their participation is unlike typical work-related participation expectations. This allows managers to hang back, and can encourage less experienced or tenured employees to jump in and take the lead while having fun. Be sure to also give some thought to finding the right activity to fit your employees. Employees need to understand how the activities relate to your objectives and feel comfortable doing it. As Dr. Seuss said, “It’s fun to have fun – but you’ve got to know how!”

Consider These 3 Team Building Activities to Try with Your Employees:

  1. Minefield – You will need a room or hallway that you can spread items randomly on the floor to create an obstacle course of “mines”. Use common office items like chairs, boxes, staplers, trash cans, etc. Divide your group into pairs and blindfold one of the partners. The other employee must guide their partner through the course without touching any of the “mines”. The guiding partner cannot enter the course and can only use verbal instructions. Use a timer to see who can guide their partner through the fastest.

Purpose: This activity focuses on communication and trust. Partners have to give each other timely and clear advice. If time allows, have each partner take turns being blindfolded. This allows them to learn from mistakes made by the first person and try get a faster time the second time through.

  1. Truth and Lie – Each employee gets 4 pieces of paper. On three of the sheets, they will write down a truth about themselves and on one a lie. The lie should be believable to an extent (i.e. not something like “I have laser vision”). Be sure to explain that anything considered rude or offensive is off-limits. Go around the group and have each employee read their truths and lie in random order. After they finish, the team should discuss which are the lies.

Purpose: This helps employees get to know each other. It gives them a chance to reveal things about themselves which can build trust and rapport. This activity gives a chance to learn about those employees that are more quiet or introverted. It can also lead to discussions about why they may have thought any of the lies were true.

  1. Company Mad Libs – This activity brings back a great childhood game for a lot of people. If you have the time and a creative person, then you can create your own mad libs based on your company. To do this you would just need to remove key nouns, verbs, and adjectives. You could use the company mission statement or create a random story. Then create a worksheet with a blank line for the removed words. Pass out the sheet to all the participants and have them fill in the missing words. If you don’t have time to write your own story for the mad libs then you can always download some pre-written mad libs and have fun with those.

Purpose: This is a good ice-breaker for new employees or a way to start a meeting with some laughs. It can be interesting to see the different words that your employees chose for the missing words. True personalities will be revealed!

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